NOTE: The July 2-week Intro class is full. If you’d like to attend an Intro class, please inquire about the next class in August or September.

To register for Introduction to K9 Nose Work classes, please follow the steps below. Price for a 2-week intensive workshop is $120.


1) Class Structure – Please read the following guideline document before your first training session.


2) Liability Waiver – Please print, fill out and scan/email back to me, or bring it to your first training session.


3) Pre-Class Questionnaire – Please fill out the following online questionnaire BEFORE your first training session, so it can be reviewed in advance.

4) What To Bring – Please read this list and bring at minimum treats to the first class. You may purchase a long line and harness later on. A crate is not necessary for the Intro class but if you have one, please bring it. (Crates will be required in the Continuing class so if you plan to advance to that class, it would be a good idea to get your dog used to its crate sooner than later.)


5) Treats – Please read this document, which will give you ideas on what kind of food and treats work well for nose work…high value!


6) Class Fee – Please mail in your check or pay online via credit card.

To pay by credit card or PayPal, click the button below, then enter the amount you would like to pay. PayPal account is not necessary. General excise tax will be added to the fee.

To pay by check, make payment out to COUNTRY CANINE and mail to:

67-331 Kiapoko Place
Waialua, HI 96791


Please note that unlike other types of dog sports and classes, a nose work class may accommodate dogs that are sensitive or mildly reactive to other dogs, strangers and new environments.  In order to keep the activity fun and accessible to all dogs, please swing wide of other handlers’ dogs when walking past them, and do not do any dog-to-dog greetings before, during or after the class.  A good guideline is to keep the dogs at least 10 feet away from each other.  Thank you for your cooperation!