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All About Scent Work Podcast – Hosted by NACSW certified nose work instructor Dianna Santos

Scentsabilities Nose Work Podcast – Hosted by top competitor and instructor Stacy Barnett

K9 Detection Collaborative Podcast – Hosted by Robin Greubel, Crystal Wing, and Stacy Barnett

Controlled Aggression Podcast –  Hosted by Jerry Bradshaw of Tarheel K9 – Professional scent detection topics but relevant to nose work (episodes including 15, 35, 36, 42, 46, 47, 73, 74) – a particularly recommended episode is Direct vs Indirect Detection Protocols which describes the same reasons that the K9 Nose Work methodology for pet dogs focuses on building hunt drive and allowing the dog to self-reward in the initial stages.

Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast – Topics include nose work and trialing (episodes 116, 218, 222, 91)

K9s Talking Scents Podcast – Hosted by Cameron Ford of Ford K9 – Guest speakers are mainly law enforcement detection trainers, but there are occasional researchers, conservation dog folks, search and rescue trainers and more.


All vendors below sell the easy-to-clean durable Biothane leashes. They each have their own names for them, but there are 2 basic types: rounded rope style vs flat style. I recommend 8-10 ft leashes for interior and container searches, and 12 to 15 ft leashes for exterior searches, with 12 being for slow-moving dogs and 15 being for fast-moving dogs.

Palomine Lines

Rope Line – The rope leash is suitable for small dogs and dogs that don’t pull very hard. It’s not as easy to grip as the flat line. The narrower 1/4″ rope is recommended.

Flat Lines – The flat leash is easier to grip and is suitable for big strong dogs. 3/8″ is a good narrow width for small dogs and dogs that don’t pull hard. 1/2″ is a good width for large strong dogs because the extra width will give you better grip.

Ruff Stuff (Oahu-based)

This vendor’s leashes are more expensive than Palomine Lines but if you’d like to buy local, then this is the place to go.

Tracking Line

Micro Leash – The 3/8″ width can be custom ordered at different lengths.


This online store will also have a variety of vendors who sell biothane leashes of different colors and styles.


For nose work training, I recommend treat pouches that enable easy, fast and quiet access to the treats. The pouches listed below may be used in conjunction with a pouch liner which is easy to wash, so you don’t have to wash the entire treat pouch.

Rapid Rewards Deluxe Training Pouch by Doggone Good

Paw Lifestyles Treat Pouch

Dog Training Apron MEGA Pooch Pouch by Leash Play Love

Rock Climbers’ Chalk Bag – Etsy or Amazon

DigBags Dog Trainer Bag – Holds two plastic cups so you can separate dry treats from moist treats, or you can use one side for treats and the other for toy

The Original Trainer’s Pouch – Large standalone silicone pouch; no pouch liner required

Voila Silicone Pouch – Large and small silicone pouches with easy to open/close mouth

TREAT POUCH LINERS – Good for greasy or moist treats; may be used in conjunction with treat pouches above

Silicone Dog Treat Pouch – Rectangular – Fits inside 2- or 3-pocket Training Apron; may have to cut the top for easy access to treats

Toddler’s Hard Plastic Drink Cup (Short) – Small short cup with wide mouth that fits inside most treat pouches; 3-inch depth for easy treat-grabbing; plastic cups should also be available at Longs and other drug stores.

Sterile Plastic Cups (Tall) – This and other taller drink cups will fit well in the DigBags Trainer Bag


How to make scented swabs (video tutorial)

All Good Dogs
The Starter Kit with Anise/Birch/Clove includes not only pre-scented q-tips and tins, but also the oils which will allow you to make additional scented q-tips.

K9NW Source
You will need to order the NACSW Essential Oils as well as the NACSW Multi-Odor Kits (listed under Complete Training Kits).

The K9 Nose
The K9 Nose’s Deluxe NACSW kit is similar to the All Good Dogs kit, but they have smiley face tins instead of rectangular tins. It’s cute, although paired food falls off more easily from circular tins.

Paws 4 Fun
The Complete Kit is similar to the others above, and also includes Quake Hold, the sticky stuff that lets you attach tins to various surfaces.

Bare Bones Nosework Supplies
The Nosework Travel Kit does not include oils but it’s an affordable way to get started. They also sell snazzy-looking camouflage tins!

Note to participants:  For those who plan to participate in UKC and AKC events, you may  purchase additional essential oils such as cypress, vetiver and myrrh.